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Blue is for Blossoming Branch and Bird


Still working on creating more illustrated letters for the collection I call Alphabet Soup. 


Here is the newest addition and latest new version of the letter B designing blossoming branches to create the letter b shape adding a blue bird or blue jay with 2 blue beetles on a blue background.


Hope it gives you a smile.

R is for Raccoon and Rake


Newest creation and addition to the collection Alphabet Soup.

R is for Raccoon and Rake is one of many illustrated letters including several illustrations that represent the letter R.


Here are some of the older illustrations of the letter R:


R is for Rocket


R is for Red Robot and Raven


R is for Rabbit


R is for Roses, Robin and Red Raspberry


And finally the oldest letter R illustrated many years ago:


R is for Mr. Right


It is always a fun challenge to come up with different illustrations for letters of the alphabet. Not sure what my next letter challenge will be...Lol...



P is for Panda and Parasol


Playing with letters again. Here is my newest illustration as per a request of a customer who said her son liked pandas.

Happy New Year!

Happy 2022!

Wishing all a very happy and blessed new year!




Also see some new pieces at the show which includes these two pieces!


J is for Jack Russell


Grandma's Tea Cups


Hope to see you there!

Come see us at Booth #5!

We are still recovering from our sales at Cain Park and working to get ready for our next show.

Come See Us at Lakeside!


Lakeside Annual Craft and Art Show

Friday July 23 - Saturday July 24


Lakeside, Ohio



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