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W is for Wonderful Whales


Working hard to print and frame new images for the Boston Mills Art Fest this June 24-25 with preview night on Friday June 23rd.


Lots of work ahead in getting our inventory up for this wonderful show!


For more information on Boston Mills art Fest:


W is for Wonderful Whales


Here is the latest illustration and addition to my collection of whimsical illustrated letters called Alphabet Soup.




Illustrators often look at older illustrations and come up with new versions.

Here is the latest illustration with the older illustration below.

Heart Shaped Wreath with Bird on Teacup

The above is the recent illustration inspired by an older illustration I did years ago below.


This is the fun one can have with doing digital illustrations.

You get to play with different color looks and modify what bothers you. I had lots of illustrations with lavender, blue, and green backgrounds and thought this illustration might make a good candidate to come up with a new color look featuring pink with a different bird and a less busy design on the cup. 


The pink was inspired by the effort of chasing away the grayness of winter...lol.


Year of the Rabbit 2023!

Springtime Greetings!


Escaping the dull gray skies of winter with the most recent illustrations above and below.


Morning Visitor



Teacup with Flowers


Chasing the winter blues away with this newest illustration.


HAPPY 2023!


New version of a Christmas lettering design using the word JOY.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!



Snowman with Cardinals


Finally getting a chance to go back and play and create. It has been a busy and difficult fall!


Decided to revisit an older illustration to give it a few tweeks and more interest.  


Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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