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P is for Poppy


There are times when one returns to an illustration to take a second look. That was the case for me with a design I illustrated in 2011 as shown below.


The Letter P (2011)


Sometimes, just like rearranging the living room furniture, one desires a fresh look.  So it was for me with the letter P. The black makes it far more dramatic, and the color scheme pulls together better. I even decided to redesign the blossom. That is the nice thing about working in the digital world. To fix something that bugs you, you don't have to work from scratch. I have done this before with another letter which gave it far more sales appeal. It will be interesting to see what happens when I introduce this new version to my shows this year.



I confess, I am a cat lover. I miss my cat, who after 19 years, succumbed to old age and left this world. I have had many cats in my lifetime. Some who where even good with the birds I had. This illustration is sort of a tribute to all of them. After several sketches, I finally committed to doing this illustration.


The Visitors

For your enjoyment.

S is for Squirrel


Every time I do a show, I figure it is time to broaden some of my letter selections. Although illustrating a snake would seem to be the obvious, the squirrel with strawberries seemed more like an interesting challenge. Besides, squirrels are cuter.


Reflection of a Promise


Cleveland winters are usually filled with gray skies and snow, however it is a great time to come up with new illustrations while house bound by the weather.


Here is my latest illustration where the image tells a story.

Wishing you all a blessed and happy new year!


H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R !

Spring's Promise


It has been unseasonably warm the last couple of days. With that in mind, I took a departure from whimiscal letter illustrations, to something a little more uplifting to chase the gray skies away.

I think I have been behind all this year. It started in March with all that really frigid weather. To top it off it has been a year of annoyances and as I write this I am recovering from my second cataract surgery. So please forgive me if I have been aloof in writing here. Time has been speeding. Finially I have taken my sketch book out and started with many ideas that will keep me busy all this winter and after Christmas I hope to be featuring more new work here.


Here is my latest piece to get me in the spirit. I do so love Christmas, and now with a 3 year old grandson, Christmas seems to shine even brighter. So to all those that read this, I wish you a very


M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S !


Women of Creativity: Four Artists, Four Perspectives



To think when I started my career in art it was in the BC, before computer. Now, thanks to Terry Flores, the my work has been featured in a YouTube video for the Beck Center.


Here you can not only see my work, but some of my fellow artists that I worked along side of at American Greetings. It is quite a range of work and talent. I was very blessed to work there and be surrounded by so many talented people.


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