Picture Book Studio

Hope to see you there this Sunday

at the Berea Arts Fest in Berea, Ohio!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Come see Picture Book Studio

At The 45th Annual Lakewood Arts Festival


In Lakewood, OH

Saturday August 8th



I will be featuring some new illustrations like these below.

Teapot House


Two Birds with Teacup


And some new whimsical letters like...

P is for Panda


R is for Raccoon and Rake


Hope to see you there!




Special Friends

2 Birds: One in Teacup


It seems that I always enjoy adding a touch of whimsy to illustrations I create to hopefully make people smile. Maybe it has to do with my long history of designing for the greeting card industry for many years. Our target was to please and uplift the consumer.


Still enjoy doing that today.

Hope this latest illustration gives you a smile!



I laughingly say my art career started in the BC: Before Computer. As time passed working in commercial art, I discovered the wonders of creating and painting digitally. While I still paint, creating and painting in a digital environment means art is easier to fix, adjust, play withing layout is far easier, plus there is not prep of time to set up plus the clean up time of washing brushes and cleaning the mess paint can create. 


Below is showing me having fun with an older illustration.

In this first illustration I was playing with the idea of Autumn with rain and sunshine.

Then as I thought of spring with all its rain I thought of the saying: April Showers bring May flowers... 
the promise of Spring.



But then I thought to take it a step further.  After all the beauty of Spring is all its floral beauty.  Why not add more Spring flowers and make the bird a bit more visiable.


This is the advantage of creating digitally for me. I can play more,  change and revise my illustrations if I want with more ease.  Working in Layers in Photoshop beats the expense of layers of tracing paper in figuring out which layout I like the best. 


But there is also beauty in painting with the brush. 


Spring is in the Air


It is March and Spring and in celebration I went back to play and create some spring flowers creating two different versions.

Here is the other one.


Forsythia Spring Bouquet


Happy Spring to All!

Mixed Flowers in Blue and White Vase


Going back to work on some floral designs to chase the last days of winter away. So looking forward to Spring!

Here is my lastest work.

Blue is for Blossoming Branch and Bird


Still working on creating more illustrated letters for the collection I call Alphabet Soup. 


Here is the newest addition and latest new version of the letter B designing blossoming branches to create the letter b shape adding a blue bird or blue jay with 2 blue beetles on a blue background.


Hope it gives you a smile.

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