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Still working on creating more illustrations for therapy.

Here are 2 more.

X Marks the Spot


I finally got around to designing another letter X for my collection of illustrated letters I call Alphabet Soup. I think when coming up with this idea, I wanted to escape from being stuck in the house during quarantine. Lol.


Wonder Begins Wisdom


I was inspired to create this piece upon reading this quote: Wonder Begins Wisdom by Socrates.

By clinking on Art Prints for Sale on my webpage you can find this art on other items as well as shown below. 


Because of the quarantine I have made it available as a facial mask through Fine Art America.

You can also fine it as a pillow as well!

Stay safe...stay well...stay creative!



Quarantine has been no fun.


But with the quarantine I have taken the time to create a few more designs. My right arm is almost a 100% due to physical therapy, and that helps when creating some more fun illustrations to brighten gray days at home.


Here are my latest pieces I have completed so far this spring.


Spring Surpise!


Butterfly Blessing


S is for Sheep


Home is Where you Blossom


Red Bird with Flowers in Vase


It has been fun to do these. Truly creating art is a blessing!

My hope is they will bring smiles and uplift all who view them.


If you are interest in purchasing a print, go to the menu and click on to purchase prints.

It has been a slow and difficult winter.


This past fall, I suffered a tear on my rotator cuff and finally had surgery in January. It has been a slow and gradual recovery. That being said I have been able to create some new pieces with thanks to being able to us a pen tool with my Wacom tablet when I finally was able to move my right hand.


Here are my latest pieces I have completed this winter.


M for Mouse, Map and Motorcycle


Country Teapot with Hen and Chicks


Forsythia Spring Bouquet


It was wonderful therapy to be able to work on these.


The good news is I have been featured on the Artist Run Website Blog which you can find on this link: https://www.artistrunwebsite.com/blog/3290/The+Art+and+Illustration+Portfolio+of+Valerie+Lesiak


A big thank you! You have made my day!


Been busy and have missed reporting shows I have been participating in.  So here are the remaining shows that I will be participating in this year.


The Berea Arts Fest

Downtown Berea, OH

September 8th




Rocky River Fall Arts Festival

Downtown Rocky River on Old Detroit Rd

Sept 14th



Ohio Mart

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

714 N Portage Path

Akron, OH

October 3-6



Hope to see you there!

Here is a list of upcoming shows I'll be participating in this July!

Cain Park Arts Festival

Cleveland Heights, OH

July 12-14

Friday 3-8pm

Saturday 10-8pm

Sunday 12-5pm


46th Annual Art in the Park

Courthouse Square

Medina, OH


Sunday, July 21, 2019


Lakeside Crafts & Art Show
150 Maple Ave

Lakeside - Marblehead, OH 43440


Thursday and Friday 9-6pm

Saturday 9-5pm


Hope to see you there!

It is that time of year!


A little later than usual, but this year we are kicking off our first outdoor show this Saturday June 15th.

So if you are in the vacinity of Bayvillage, OH come see us at: 



Huntington Playhouse Dr


Saturday 10AM - 4PM


Come see some of my new pieces like 



Hope to see you there!

Here are some new illustions I have added to my portfolio and collection called Alphabet Soup.


N is for Newfoundland

While listening to clientele who view my alphabet art, I have discovered many are dog lovers! While I have offered A for Airedale and D for Dalmation, the letter N became a nice candidate for another cute dog!


This also worked for the letter T!


T is for Terrier and Teddy


The terrier with his teddy toy makes a great letter T!


But while reviewing the letter Q, I found that the letter in of itself was hard to come up with a candidate that lent to its shape. I had to find something alternative to a dog. Sigh.


Q is for Quail and Queen Anne's Lace


The Quail became the likely candidate! The Queen Anne's lace made the shape and center of the Q possible. 


The fun in doing these is the letters can be perceived especially when grouped with other letters of the alphabet. But if you like the animal and its whimsy you the letter does not have to be obvious.  Some of my letters are far more obvious while others are not which makes them even more saleable.


If you get the chance, check out my illustrated letters called Alphabet Soup listed under my portfolio.

Hope to get you to smile!





Happy 2019!

Wishing all of you a very happy new year!



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