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L is for Lemur and Lark


While illustrating letters for fun in a collection I call Alphabet Soup, I will sooner or later come back to a letter, in this case the Letter L and have fun creating a new design.


Here are some of the other illustrations of the Letter L that I have created in the past.


L is for Lily of the Valley 


L is for Lion


L is for Lighthouse


It is always a challenge to come up with a new image for the letter L as with any other letter.  However, L is far easier that lets say the letter I.  In the case of the newest one, inspiration came frome watching Madigascar with my grandson.  


You never know where the next inspiration for a design witll come from!

Wishing you all a very happy new year!

Being a digital artists means that I have to print my art. I have chosen to print on canvas using a standard size of 8" X 8" which helps when I buy my stretcher bars in bulk. 

W is for Wolves

C is for Cat, Cockatoo, and Coo Coo Clock

Sunflower Surprise

Always Do Your Homework


By ordering and designing for 1 1/2" thick stretcher bars, I can design a pattern for the sides eliminating the cost of the frame. An added benefit of the thick stretcher bars is that the art can stand on a shelf or table as well as be hung on the wall. This is great for those who have limited room and are thinking of ways to display art.

Started today bright and early with a TV interview with Kenny Crumpton on Fox 8's Kicking it with Kenny for the upcoming Art in the Village at Legacy Village in Lyndhurst, OH this weekend.


Doing this interview was a nice surprise and a wonderful chance to promote my work as well as the art show this weekend. Thanks to Howard Alan Events!


Click on TV interview below and watch the second video for my interview.






For those of you that live close to Legacy Village, in Beachwood OH, Picture Book Studio will be participating in Art in the Village.


Hope to see you there!


Coffee Pot Quotes


A while back, I did this piece while playing with different fonts and layout. I loved the coffee pot shape that I designed, but the illustration was met with warm indifference. So I thought to revisit it and see what else I would be inspired to do with it.


Coffee Pot Surprise


Fighing back against this depressing cold spring, I decided to take a more whimsical approach to my coffee pot shape. Hopefully it will resonate better during the spring and summer shows that I have signed up for.


Sometimes even cold and depressingly unseasonable weather can be an inspiration!

Pansies Stand for Thoughts


In celebration of Mother's Day, here is a design of pansies. In greeting card world

the image of pansies would be used many a time on cards with a sentiment that expressed that someone was thinking of that recipient.


How appropiated are pansies as we think of all the wonderful things that our Moms did for us...those things that at the time seemed small, but as we grew older, we realized they were much larger as we came to understand their sacrifice.


So for all those Moms out there, these thoughts of appreciation are for you.


Happy Mother's Day!

B is for Butterfly


C is for Cal the Curious Carp


As spring rolls in, I have been busy thinking up and illustrationg new letters. All this as I get ready to do the Spring Fling in the town where I grew up in New Jersey. Nothing like a little pressure!

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