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While doing a few shows this spring and summer, I have received several suggestions for ideas for new designs. While some are more personal and therefore spesific, one kept standing out; a design suitable for a baby gift. Of course the letter B stood out as an oppportunity, so here is my latest addition: B is for Baby Bear.

Hope to get a good response this September in some of my upcoming shows.

It was a wonderful weekend for Picture Book Studio at the Arts in the Park in Port Clinton, OH. To my pleasant surprice I was awarded 1st place by Port Clinton Artists' Club yesterday. I purposely posed by my artwork that states: "Always count your blessings", and yes, I feel truly blessed.

My thanks of gratitude to the Port Clinton Artists. Club.

P is for Peas in a Pod


P is for Port Clinton as well. The design above is the newest in my Alphabet Soup series which will make its debut this weekend at the Arts in the Park art festival in Port Clinton, August 2nd and 3rd from 10-5PM. It is right by the lake which adds to the summer festivities. 

O is for Oliver the Orange Octopus


In getting ready for another show next weekend, I realized it would be fun to add another O with a more whimsical look. Each show I realize I need to add more variety to my alphabet series. Although it is hard to please everyone,

I hope this one makes a hit.



I am still recovering from the 2 day event at Crocker Park. Lots of work to prepare for this one.


The walking park around St. John's Medical Center is a wonderful place to have an artfestival. There is plenty of parking, music, and food with a wonderful stroll down a mostly shaded walk filled with all kinds of artisan's wears. Great place to take a summer walk while admiring the variety of works for sale.


Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather and lots of patrons of the arts!

With the help of Society 6, many artists and designers can transform their designs into products from cups to T shirts. Here my young grandson Oliver is where at T with my logo which was inspired by Katie, my cat. She is Oliver approved. Oliver just loves Katie.


Here are some other recent additions to my Society 6 shop:



You can find these items and more on the following link:


Here is a new addition to my Alphabet Soup of illustrated letters. I had only one letter K for the Kite Eating Tree which was far more whimsical in dirrection. After coming across so many people with an interest in knitting, I decided to take the letter K in the direction above. It will be interesting to see if it will attract any knitters at the upcoming Crocker Park Art Festival this June. I am hoping it will be a winner!

I had the opportunity to do a show with my buddy illustrator Jen Fitchwell this last Saturday. It was a first for Avon City Schools' Sale by the Lake to help raise money for the schools. We did not know what to expect, but all in all, we were able to generate sales and meet great people and that is what counts.


Now for getting ready for the next really big show at Crocker Park this June 14 & 15.

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