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It has been a slow and difficult winter.


This past fall, I suffered a tear on my rotator cuff and finally had surgery in January. It has been a slow and gradual recovery. That being said I have been able to create some new pieces with thanks to being able to us a pen tool with my Wacom tablet when I finally was able to move my right hand.


Here are my latest pieces I have completed this winter.


M for Mouse, Map and Motorcycle


Country Teapot with Hen and Chicks


Forsythia Spring Bouquet


It was wonderful therapy to be able to work on these.


The good news is I have been featured on the Artist Run Website Blog which you can find on this link: https://www.artistrunwebsite.com/blog/3290/The+Art+and+Illustration+Portfolio+of+Valerie+Lesiak


A big thank you! You have made my day!


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