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Tranquility - Flowers in Vase


With all the craziness of the world, it is nice to escape into creating another illustration. 


This illustration was inspired by the many flowers I saw in a little vacation place called Lakeside along Lake Erie.


What has been disheartening this year is most of our shows have been cancelled due to Covid19. Many shows find it hard too hard to meet all the state's guidelines. Selling a piece of art personally and seeing the smile on the customers face is far more rewarding than selling something online. There is something to seeing the genuine pleasure of the customer.


We did luck out and were able to participate in on show in the gated community of Lakeside, Ohio last week which could meet state guidelines. I can't tell you how many artists were glad to be there. Although the amount of people were less than usual, the sales, not  just for me, but others as well were better than usual. 


Lakeside, Ohio is an amazing place. It is like stepping in the past were many vacationers ride bikes, walk, or travel in golf carts to get around this little vacation place along the lake. There was live music in the evening. The weather was great.


It was a like a slice of heaven. 

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