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A is for Anteater


Years ago while I was still working as a designer at American Greetings, I started a blog called Picture Diary. This was a result of a work goal to get web savy as well as to have a creative web presence.


The only problem of doing this was American Greeting designers could not post any current or unpublished work associated with American Greetings. So I had to come up with a different idea. I picked a square format.  Due to decades of designing and illustrating in a rectangle, a square was quite refreshing!  At first my designs were random, but then as I was exploring the type tool in Photoshop with all those glorious fonts, I started to play with illustrating letters.


I began with Z and worked my way backward. Finally after 19 months I got to finish with the letter A. Then it was back to random illustrations. Still, I get the urge to illustrate another letter from time to time.


"A is for Anteater" is my fourth illustration of the letter A.


Each time it gets to be more of a challenge. Some letters are even more challenging then others and just give me a headache. But then who knows, maybe I will start with a different approach to the letters in the alphabet.


That is what makes it fun.


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